We called bullshit on all the shirt makers.


Mens dress shirts should not retail for $100 with the option to buy 3 for 200. Buy one shirt get two free shouldn't exist.

The price of a shirt should reflect the raw materials, labor and packaging with a small margin to fund the next shipment. Its that simple, fair and square.

Three friends in New York City founded the Standard Shirt Company for a simple reason, to create the best dress shirt, without the retail markup. So we pitched that to a family member. He worked in NYC’s garment district for 13 years and is what the industry would call a sourcer. He sources the fabric and labor from factories around the world to fulfill orders to stores like Macys, Sears,& JCPenny’s. He bought in and we leveraged his connections, knowledge and know how to create the Standard Shirt.

Believe it or not, South Korea was a world leader in the garment industry back in the '80s and is deeply rooted in our culture. Fast forward to the summer of 2014, we contracted with a factory that had done business with our family for years. One that is highly regarded that sits on the edge of Seoul that could produce a high quality shirt in small batches. We consider ourselves very lucky that we were able to continue to build upon what has been such a great partnership throughout our family’s generation.

We designed our shirt to work as hard as you do. Our shirts feature a reinforced collar, cuff, and placket made on a soft yet durable fabric. Our shirts are an athletic cut, with darts precisely measured to run down the back of the shirt, allowing for a more modern silhouette. Everything from the label, buttons, and packaging were also made in-house in order to forgo agency cost and ensure that we are intimately involved in every aspect of our manufacturing process.

Our transparency goes beyond just our factories and family business. We believe in transparent pricing and showing our customers not only exactly what they are buying but also for how much. Our shirts breaks down as follows:
Point blank period. Because we do all of our business online we do not have the added costs of a retail store. We also do not have any shareholders, investors or a board to please while our marketing budget is limited to our customer’s word of mouth and SEO.