Q1. Where are your shirts made?

A. Our shirts are designed in New York and manufactured in Seoul, South Korea.

Q2. How should I wash my shirt
A. All of our shirts are machine washable. Please hang dry.

Q3. About our collars

A. Our collars contain an extra piece of material sewn in that gives the collar extra structure and a stiffer feel that holds up to repeated washings and ironings. 


The standard cutaway is a bolder take on the classic business shirt. Heralding from a European origin, the cutaway is generally used with a thicker tie knot for social occasions. Elegant with or without a tie, we believe this collar is a wardrobe staple.


The standard spread is the epitome of your work uniform. Incredibly versatile, the collar works with a variety of tie knots and outfits. Our spread collar is subtly reinforced giving a sharper, silhouette.


Q1. About our 1/3 & 1/4 sizing A. We believe in precise sizing to achieve the appropriate fit. Accordingly, we conceived our sizing in quarters and thirds instead of the traditional Small, Medium, Large and halves or whole options – to achieve the best possible fit. Free to try our sizing calculator to estimate your fit.

Q2. What are the measurements of your shirts?

A. Please click to see our sizing chart for details as the measurement of our shirts vary from collar and sleeve length.

Q3. How do I measure the sleeve length?

A. It’s simple: take one of your best fitting shirts and lay it out flat. Measure from the middle of the back of the collar to the point of the shoulder then measure from the point of the shoulder, down the sleeve to the end of the cuff. These two measurements added together will give you your sleeve length.

Q4. How do I measure my neck/collar size? A. This measurement is best done by a professional if you do not know it already. If you already have a formal shirt that fits you well, just measure the circumference of the collar. If you don’t have a formal shirt, then you will need to take a tape measure and measure around the fullest part of your neck taking into account your Adam’s Apple. Then, place two fingers against your neck to give an allowance for comfort when the shirt is buttoned.



Q1. Can I track my order?

A. We provide tracking information with every order: feel free to log into your account or contact us at

Q2. Where are your shirts delivered from?

A. Our shirts are delivered straight from our factories in Korea to our distribution center in the Greater New York City area.

Q3. Do you ship internationally?

A. We currently do not offer international shipping outside the United States.



Q1. Return & Exchange Policy

A. If you are not satisfied with your Standard Shirt for any reason please let us know and contact us at We will issue a full refund or exchange if your order was placed within 14 business days.

Q2. How do I change or cancel my order?

A. You can modify your order by signing in or by contacting us at